Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Ah that word has caused someone to linger a little longer over this blog.

Back from 4 day whirlwind tour to Western Nfld - Deer Lake Youth Gathering, at Cornerbrook Citadel for regional Youth Workers seminars, Sunday services in Stephenville and Cornerbook Temple. Stayed with friends, met new ones. Marvellous hospitality, people.

The burden of youth and youth workers is "traditionalism", religion. Some very thoughtful, passionate people are struggling with these big ones. It's not a regional thing anymore - it's bigger than culture and regions.

Real (authentic), Relevant (talking a common, understandable language - doesn't mean dumbing down Jesus, faith, the bible) and Relational (person to person, God to person).

This is the heart cry. God help us, it's not easy, but we have to start where we are.

Oh yeah I've got to talk about sex right? Everybody thinks about it, everybody in the church is afraid to talk about it. Repression, ignorance are unhealthy. Education, conversation are helpful. Generation next deserves better. That's what we all concluded at the seminar on Saturday. We're afraid to advertise it. It's okay to advertise, giving the context, values and God's view. It's great - in its place - sharing that comfortably, clearly, confidently is our challenge and our responsibility.

Not the mushroom treatment - keep you in the dark and feed you ****.

May it be the real me, talking to the real God, in real community! Wisdom, courage, patience come from your hand O Lord - thank you!


Blogger Bakes said...

Hi, Dave - Karyn Baker here from New Westminster, BC. You had a couple of different thoughts in this blog, but good ones. I thought I'd pass along a saying that my buddy Michael Collins in known to spout: "Tradition is the living faith of dead men; traditionalism is the dead faith of living men." I'm with you - it's a struggle and one that needs passionate yet sensitive warriors. May the Lord be gracious to us as we seek to be faithful to Him!

I've been enjoying your blog - thanks!

7:29 PM  
Blogger Female Fighter said...

Something so simple, yet something I seem to find so hard ... to just be real. You know, I think sometimes, we get so caught up in things that we don't even know what real is. We do what we 'think' or 'want' to be the right thing but we do it 'just because'.

I mean, if we're going to lure people into God's love, we can't just do it because we feel we're supposed to. Its got to be REAL.

But again, what is real ... and that's something different for every single person. So many people have no idea who they are because they get so wrapped up in bing someone they're not.

Something so simple, yet something so complicated ...

Being Real ... Is it really a JUST DO IT thing? Or is it something we need to stop and think about because we've lost track of what reality actually is ....

Hmmmm ....

+ Danielle +

11:41 AM  

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