Monday, November 20, 2006

Spiritual Friendship - A Prayer

O Father, may we know in our heart and our head that we are loved by you, that we are known and belong to you, that you rejoice in our soul. All of us bear the dust of earthly striving. We share the stress of secret fear, needing to achieve, needing to count, needing to be accepted. All our souls bear wounds, from all but thee, far-hidden.

Thank you for our brother, and sympathetic high priest, the Lord Jesus. Thank you that we may we approach your holy throne to find your provision of grace and mercy - for every need, for every person, at any time.

We love you and need you. Open our eyes and hearts to see fellow pilgrims with whom we share our humanity, our sin, your image, and with whom we may share our joys, challenges and journey in holiness.

I confess Lord that while I am growing more and more independent of the praise of others, I relish seeing you and hearing from you through people. I pray that your Spirit would continue to guide into truth, giving freedom to take risks in friendships, anointing and nourishing them, enriching my friendship with others so that we might bring glory to you.

We need each other.


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