Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Transformational Journey

Some people are weary of "journey" talk, some prefer adventure talk. Others like pilgrimage. The point is we are in process. Believers know they will reign will in heaven with Jesus one day - I trust we're growing, I wouldn't have wanted to manage that assignment a few years ago, and even know it sounds daunting.

My point - as kingdom people now, we are active, and interactive, with the spirit and with the world - not just waiting to get to heaven. Here are three tenets of my journey which David Benner has shared in his book "Sacred Companions" and to which I wholeheartedly aspire:

1. becoming a great lover (of God, neigbour as self)
2. becoming whole and holy (mind, body, heart, infirmities - real, with God's spirit)
3. becoming our true self in Christ

Knowing God, knowing myself lead to knowing and living my mission. On the road again...


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