Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nidus - what?

ni┬Ědus - pronunciation: 'nI-d&s
1 : a place or substance in tissue where the germs of a disease or other organisms lodge and multiply
2 : a place where something originates or is fostered or develops

Nidus is the name of a ecumenical youth festival happening at Kitchener/Bingeman's August 4-6. If you are in the Ontario area and have a passion for faith/arts/justice you should go. In fact if you are keen and contact me I might be able to help with costs. Check it out

Nidus - a place or a time? An event or an attitude. Can be both, but the time, attitude is more important - bad things can fester, from without and within. We need to create a culture to address this - our very souls.

We must not demolish or fight our souls , or flee - we must engage. How tempting to fix, or run, when we need to be present with people in their story, situation - that's what so many blogs are addressing. The faith community is meant to engage our souls.

People are dying inside all around us - "revealing feeling is healing" - we need those safe places - those "niduses". I like others am praying for a way forward to find, provide, develop Niduses. I appreciate your prayers in this respect. It's God's heart-cry, the Nidus is not the end, it is the means to the end - relationship with God.

I feel a heavy burden for those around me. God guide us to you first and then may we move to action as you would guide. Christ in us - through us - hope.


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