Friday, September 09, 2005

If it works in your heart....???? Marinating in your love....

I spoke the other evening of the ways we can worship and be drawn to God in worship - it transcends musical genre, style, instrumentation. So let's get a life...

God might even speak through a parody of worship lyrics - maybe to the food junkies, gastronomical wizards out there. I don't know - here we go!

I want to deep fry in your presence,
I long to marinate in your love.
I crave to be pickled in your splendour,
I want to boil in your grace from above.

You're the beef of my roast,
The jam on my toast,
You're delicious, nutricious,
You're the tastiest treat I've ever known.

My youngest son can cook up a storm, is one of my favourite worship leaders/composers and whimsically composed these words - I'm speechless, thank God for his Mother's genes!!

So we can take ourselves and our worship too seriously, and not seriously enough.

God your helping us get to the heart of really are!


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9:21 PM  
Blogger Evangeline said...

LOL. Love the lyrics. :-)

3:09 AM  

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