Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Make me a channel of your grace....

I have a heavy heart today - I am feeling for a family whose teen-age son was killed in a canoeing mishap last weekend. I am feeling for the people of Zimbabwe and the desparate situation there.

Whether it's the humidity, or residual tiredness from a year of work, study, travel, (I believe these factors bring down the walls of my spirit) the point is my heart is keenly feeling these losses.

I can't deny it, should I? I am mindful of the body of Christ, one part suffers and we suffer - this cuts across family, denominational, national borders.

I also received an email today from a friend, with a prayer that spoke to my situation - the mysterious body of Christ.

I will continue to be broken when others suffer, it's not even volitional, but I pray that in my sensitivity I would share the grace which I have received. I believe it is God's sacrifice.
"That other souls, refreshed and fed, may share his life through mine."


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