Monday, January 31, 2005

Let the DREAMS begin....

Just spent an amazing weekend just outside of St. John's NFLD on a retreat with U. students - we got there later than planned - winter big-time - but nothing slowed us down.

Small groups were cool as always - you get to know someone quickly - great worship - learning on spiritual gifts, personality profile - scripture teaching on God's call for our lives.

Saturday p.m. around the fireplace I was asked to close the p.m. and devotional time with prayer. I chose right then instead to ask all present to share their vision, their dream and the Holy Spirit took over from there. Just a summary:

1. Christian youth to take a stand on the environment - God's creation
2. A Salvation Army that manages money wisely and has not financial concerns, it tithes.
3. Youth involved in mentoring the junior highs who are maturing rapidly
4. Outreach of the group into the university community
5. A ministry to the children of the poor in downtown St. John's
6. A world reconciled to one another - hope - beyond class, race, politics
7. A place where children are valued and nurtured.
8. A Salvation Army territory-wide that is renewed by youth and for youth
9. Reaching out to hurting people - compassion, mercy
10. The vision of a tree rooted, offering shade and shelter, welcoming all was shared.

Each dream and vision was prayed into and we sang and gave God glory. Some great things are on the go - the next generation is up to revolution - working in tandem with the wisdom of the previous generation.

We know and pray that God will fan into flame these dreams of individuals and the group as a whole and His church.

LET THE DREAMS CONTINUE! Feel free to share a dream and we'll get prayer support all over it!


Anonymous Marlene George said...

Thanks so much Dave and Bev for your leadership at the Salvation Army Student Fellowship retreat weekend - true some amazing dreams got seeded! It'll be exciting to see them flourish! To God be the Glory.
Chaplain, Marlene

1:17 PM  

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