Friday, December 03, 2004

MARKIPULATED (manipulated by marketing)

I always knew way more money is spent on advertising than education, that more creativity is spent by advertisers in creating discontent in my spirit than in feeding my soul.

But since being back in TO - the Canadian capital of the spirit of materialism - I've been receiving a free copy of the Toronto Star newspaper - why - for the last two weeks, I have received enough flyers with the paper to kindle a thousnd fireplaces. Hey I'm being targeted - manipulated even.

I've known in the past that religion, even heart-faith can create false guilt, the SA, even me as a parent and officer, but the "mammon" force has us beat hands down.

PT Barnum, influential in the circus business coined the phrase "A sucker is born every minute!"

Paul was bang on in Romans 12:1,2 "Don't the world squeeze you (you'll be in the juice fast! my editorial addition) but be changed from within by the renewing of your mind."

Hey, youth are not as free as they think - all generations actually - we're being manipulated - attention Walmart shoppers!

Heads up folks - and as an aside - I'd love to see some Christian commercials that would rock - some of you reading this have the capacity and I'm ready to champion you! More later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The human world has been a materialist bin. The continual changes in advertisement has made us slaves to our products. For example, most of our ladies lack confidence in themselves and are ready to spend thousands of dollars for a face surgery.
75% of our television advertisement is about how people can become slimmer and good looking. A control sermon on how ugly we are and how much we need to look like a particular class of people. Shockingly, many people are into this trade of "Body Makerover".
The cry is; How many people are seen beautiful from the inside? I wonder how many people would want to advertise the beauty of their soul?
The abandonment of the inner beauty for the outward beauty has continually kept people in more wants and a growing room for advertisement. It is like a house cleaner cleaning the floor of a dinning room with the kids still on the table eating. As long as the kids keeps eating, the floor will always remain dirty.
We have at time forgotten about the importance of our inner being, our souls. Our body remains polished daily but the soul goes for six days without any care expect on sunday at church service.
Apostle Paul made us know that, he has learned to be contended in what he has. How many people are truly happy in what they have or their looks? We may keep the outward advertisement going but as long as the inner being(the soul) is not polished, the outer being (the body) will always need a "makeover" because of the continual overflowing of the inner being.

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