Saturday, November 27, 2004

U - nique - YOU - known


A snowflake - not all can relate - like my we be jammin' friends.

A fingerprint - yeah we all got those.

An idea - saw tons last night at an art/craft exhibition - soooooo cool!

My troubles - slow down partner.

You say "nobody knows the troubles I've seen!" - wrong answer.

The creator of all - yeah we've all got his imprint - and he worked from nothing (ex nihilo for you latin students) knows.

All unique - all sharing the same imprint; all unique - all known.

Think about it - all the "chasing after" that happens...we're known and can know.

Be still and know it...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and yet at the same time for me the message is so clear and in my face. I have those fingerprints those unique qualities, but I was molded by God with his fingerprints all over me, exactly the same as the ones on everyone around me. One Creator, knows our blue prints. As we grow to know him, we learn what he made unique in us and what purpose we were built for.
Thanks for getting my wheels turning,

2:14 AM  

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