Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Irony of Detachment...

The monastic interpretation of "detachment" means not allowing either worldly values or self-centredness to distract us from what is most essential in our relationship with God, and with each other.

Have been on the road - Lac L'achigan, Montreal, Old Orchard Beach, Quebec City. Eventful eight days. Time with family, old friends, new friends. Saw things which had been renewed, fruit of seeds sown, good and ill.

Bumped into a francophone from Trois Rivieres - still following Jesus, challenges with his young autistic son, but he is overcoming. Bumped into another franocophone in Quebec City - he's a busker now - had left his child and wife, making ends meet.....

The drive from two hours south of Quebec City was stunning - lakeside, moutains, plains, pastures - beautiful. Back at work today -ouch - but off to the other coast tomorrow evening.

6th century monk Doroteus of Gaza said detachment is "Being free from wanting certain things to happen, and remaining so trusting of God that what is happening will be the thing you want and you will be at peace with all."

This is not my home, I'm only passing throught - detached, eyes open, his spirit in my sails.


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