Friday, May 19, 2006

"Money can't buy me love?"

"Will you still need me when I'm 64?"

"Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away"

"We can work it out"

"We're Sgt. Pepper's lonely heart club band"

Sir Paul McCartney one of the original Beatles (pure Baby-boomer fare) and presently worth $1.7 billion has separated from his wife (she who interestingly enough is 26 years younger) as they are miserable together.

The press clippings have had a hey-day quipping lines from old Beatle songs.

I don't relish in the fact of someone's suffering, but yeah - "money can't buy you love".

Good thing because 95% of the world are dirt poor. Where does my help come from - the Lord!


Blogger Natalie said...

All you need is love...

8:46 AM  

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